Out Now: Wolffman ft. Phat Baker – Never Too Much

Wolffman’s remake of Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much” is a very energetic and exciting dance release.
The inclusion of Phat Baker’s vocals, which bear similarities to Luther Vandross’ voice, adds a nostalgic touch to this perfectly executed remake.

Wolffman is a specialist in making remakes as close to the originals.
The tempo (BPM) changes in most of his productions, a signature element in his music, creates a dynamic fusion of styles that is likely to resonate with listeners.

It’s great to hear that Wolffman decided to make an official remake of “Never Too Much,” especially considering the popularity of existing unofficial remixes circulating on the internet.
This indicates that the track has already captured the attention and interest of music enthusiasts.

With the summer vibes infused into the song, it promises to be a refreshing addition to playlists, providing a perfect anthem for the summer.