Out Now: Wolffman & Bram Wijsman – Copacabana

Dance Floor Magic: Wolffman and Bram Wijsman’s Epic ‘Copacabana’ Remake!

You know that feeling when a song just screams “summer anthem”? Well, get ready to feel it big time with the latest release from Wolffman and Bram Wijsman!
Bram had this genius idea to give Barry Manilow’s evergreen hit “Copacabana” a 2024 dance makeover, and who better to team up with than his neighbor, the notorious producer Wolffman!

From the get-go, Wolffman was all in. The duo wasted no time and hit the studio, cooking up what’s destined to be the ultimate summer tune.

The real fun started one early morning at 6 AM when Bram decided to blast the track once more at home at full volume with the windows open. It woke up his neighbor Wolffman, who shot him a text: “Dude, it’s a good thing you’re my neighbor and you’re blasting our track through the streets of Haarlem, but seriously…” To which Bram cheekily replied, “Bro, what are you doing awake? Go back to sleep, wahaha.”

After testing it out with overwhelming success in the clubs, it was clear – “Copacabana” is THE track to kick off summer 2024. Get ready to get in the mood because this remake is pure fire. If you haven’t heard it yet, turn it up, and let the summer begin!