Out Now: The Summer Of Love

Wolffman & SylvioN teamed up to create their Summer Banger called The Summer Of Love. A nice Deep House track with soulful vocals melt down as a summer pop song.

And what a release!
This production has come about in a very special way. SylvioN first had to end up in hospital for this, due to COVID-19, with even a life-threatening period in intensive care.

The heroes of nurses had to fight for his life. Back at home, SylvioN, like many other victims of the COVID-19 Virus, is rehabilitating. Part of his recovery process is making music, and let that just release a substance in the brain that helps with that!

Together with Wolffman SylvioN started a project to make music. The first product is The Summer Of Love. This Deep House track gives one the feeling of freedom, and what everyone has been longing for this after the Lock Down!

This release is for everyone, but really everyone who wants to show, give, receive, feel and experience the love.

The Summer Of Love Is dedicated to all the heroes in the hospitals who are working 24/7 to save and help the victims of this terrible COVID-19 virus.