Out Now: Paul Louwers – Try It Out

Introducing the sensational new release by Dutch DJ Paul Louwers, titled ‘Try It Out.’
Paul Louwers is a renowned figure in the Netherlands’ Disco and 90s music scene, having collaborated and toured with some of the era’s biggest artists.
Throughout his career, he has harbored a deep appreciation for the 80s disco classic, ‘Try It Out’ by Gino Soccio.

In collaboration with hit producer Wolffman, Paul breathed new life into ‘Try It Out,’ infusing it with a contemporary twist. The track features the incredible vocals of Roselle, who also happens to be Paul Louwers’ wife. Moreover, Wolffman’s creative touch has introduced a mysterious vocalist and rapper, adding a layer of intrigue to this track.

As ‘Try It Out’ unfolds, you’ll notice elements that evoke the timeless classics and iconic artists from that era, skillfully reimagined for the modern age.

With this release, Paul Louwers delivers a fresh dimension and pays a soulful tribute to the beloved and groovy disco sound that we all adore.
‘Try It Out’ is your ticket to the funky, disco-infused euphoria you’ve been craving!