Out Now: Jamez Levels – Tum Hi Ho

The in Suriname based and popular artist Jamez Levels once again surprised us with his new release ‘Tum Hi Ho’. In this release he skillfully blends elements of RnB, the English, Suriname Creole and Indian language, combined with the atmospheric melodies of the original ‘Tum Hi Ho’, sang by Indian artist Arjit Singh.

The fusion of all these elements allows Jamez to convey his genuine emotions and reinforce his powerful message.

‘Tum Hi Ho’ gently whispers “You only realize the true value of something when it’s gone. Spend more time with your loved ones now, appreciate the moments you share and never take for granted the precious time you have together.
For you never know when it will be your last day in each other’s embrace.”

In conclusion, ‘Tum Hi Ho’ by Jamez Levels is a heartfelt tribute to love, connection and the beauty of cherished moments.