Out Now: Fleur Vosse – Flurious EP

Rising star Fleur Vosse has just released her debut EP titled “Flurious”.

Famous for providing entertaining shows with her stunning models at festivals and clubs world wide, Fleur Vosse has entered the stage as a much requested DJ in recent years.

Flurious is a testament to her passion for funk, soul, and 90s house that she has held since childhood and managed to give all these genres a modern twist.

This EP is actually a brilliant showcase of Fleur Vosse’s musical mind.
Her feel-good sets and vibes are well-known, and she has more than lived up to her reputation with this debut EP to create something that’s both nostalgic and fresh.

The result is a collection of music that is perfect for dancing and partying.

With the summer of 2023 on the horizon, Fleur Vosse’s EP has come at the perfect time.
Flurious will undoubtedly make your summer a fantastic one!