Out Now: Djamila Celina – Rich Girl

TV Reality Star, Influencer and Tik Tok Queen Djamila Celina was 1st artist who organized a release party for a TIK TOK Tune.

Tik Tok is the medium of the moment, so it makes sense that Tik Tok Queen Djamila Celina releases her own tune through this medium.

At the request of her large fan base, we are now also releasing the single version of the Tik Tok Tune called Rich Girl.

Rich Girl is a cover that was previously successful by the artists Louchie Lou & Michie One, and Gwen Stefani & Eve.

With this 2022 version we breathe new life into this fantastic track and who can do that better than our own Rich Girl Djamila Celina.

It is she who goes through life as a Rich Girl on Tik Tok and Instagram, with a wink.