Jamez Levels – Kuch Kuch

Jamez Levels is a creative singer/songwriter from Suriname, who already has several no.1 hits on his record and is known for his combination of different styles and languages in his music.

This time Jamez surprises us again with ‘Kuch Kuch’ by combining Hindi, Aucaans (Surinamese dialect) and English into a pop song.

With this track Jamez shows that there are no boundaries in music. Especially in Suriname where different cultures and religions live in perfect harmony with each other.

The track contains a reference to the song ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, which means: ‘something is happening’ from the romantic bollywood movie with the same name.

With this 1st release in the new decade you definitely get in the mood of Valentine and Phagwa.